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It's been many years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, but some communities never fully recovered. Students from Southern California learned why during a week designed for lessons outside the classroom.  
Taking students out of the classroom and pulling them into real-world, low-risk, high-outcome situations is an effective way to increase the efficacy and provide opportunities for application of classroom learning.
Schools with integrated education models point to Leadership as one of the skill sets necessary to develop well-rounded students. Separating leadership development from the dynamics of school culture and community power structures can allow for students to see practical and organic applications of leadership in the real world, sometimes more clearly than in their own home contexts.
Privilege is a difficult concept to discuss with students, especially while they’re in their home environments. The many layers and dimensions make it an uncomfortably ambiguous conversation, and even harder for students to deduce what they can do with this complex new understanding of self.
Here at Rustic Pathways, adventure comes in all shapes in sizes. Whether your adventure is teaching English in India, learning to surf in Costa Rica, or building a new school in the Fijian Highlands, the common thread that ties each of us together is our pursuit of the unknown. During the summer of 2015, while…