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The Best Way to Prepare for College
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The Best Way to Prepare for College

Gaining a global perspective should be something you do when you’re 18, not 67. Seriously. Think about it.

Why wait until you’re retired to explore the world? If you travel after graduating from high school, you’ll not only be able to apply what you experience to the rest of your life, it will shape who you become and how you see the world.

You’ve probably been told your entire life that there’s one path: graduate from high school, get into a good college, and so on. Right? It doesn’t have to be that way. Press play.

Top schools like Princeton and North Carolina now have programs designed to start after a gap year. Other colleges allow accepted students to defer their freshman year. Plus, and your parents will love this, studies of gap year students show they’re more successful in school, graduate in four years, and are happier with their first jobs.

Deferring college to take a gap year is a big decision. Let me know if you have any questions about anything from logistics to how to bring up a gap year with your parents by emailing me at to set up a Skype chat.

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About the Author

Casey Atchley

Gap Year Admissions Coordinator

Casey received his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Indianapolis in Spanish and Philosophy. Between years of undergrad, he took a gap year to volunteer as a volcano tour guide and English teacher in Nicaragua. Before returning to studies, Casey spent four months hiking the Appalachian Trail. With exceptional bilingual communication and leadership, he has managed Summer programs in Costa Rica and Rustic Pathways outreach in Europe. As a member of the Gap Year team, he now works with students planning their own gap years. Casey is happiest when he is on his bicycle!