Rustic Pathways Foundation Prioritizes Wildlife Rescue in Australia
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Rustic Pathways Foundation Prioritizes Wildlife Rescue in Australia

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As bushfires and drought continue to impact Australia, it is estimated that the country has lost nearly one billion native animals. Rustic Pathways has been working in Australia for over 30 years and has always been involved in the support of native wildlife and environmental conservation. We are proud to partner with local organizations that aim to protect and rehabilitate Australian wildlife.

The current priority of the Rustic Pathways Foundation is to provide extra funding and support to our partners at the WRREA to rescue wildlife impacted directly by the fires and drought.

In the wake of these fires, Trish LeeHong and her team at the WRREA are working tirelessly to save and care for injured wildlife.Their greatest need being funds to provide water and food to the rescued koalas, joeys, echidnas, birds, and reptiles.

You can help make a direct impact with a donation to the WRREA here.

A donation of–
$220 USD provides a truck delivery of water
$40 USD provides an individual food pallet
$20 USD provides powdered milk for the joeys

If you have any questions about donations to the WRREA or about our programming in Australia please email

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