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#GoodNewsTues - Program Updates for October 18
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#GoodNewsTues - Program Updates for October 18

Students who want to see a world that’s very different from their own often pick programs in some of the most remote regions where Rustic Pathways travels. This week we’re happy to announce we have added sessions for several of these programs. These options challenge students on multiple fronts, giving them experiences few other people get in their lives. Here are the newly added program sessions for 2023.

Off the Map: Mongolia

In this program students learn about ancient nomadic cultures as they travel to the point on earth that is farthest from any ocean. Along the way they take in unforgettable landscapes in the Mongolian wild. This is a one-of-a-kind experience for students who love to travel.

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Culture and the Crater

In this program students learn about one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in the world. They forgo Western amenities while visiting remote villages and doing extensive infrastructure projects. To wrap up the program, the students go on safari to view elephants, zebras and other African animals in the wild.

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African Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

Students interested in conservation love this program since they get a little bit of everything on this trip. The teens work on coral reef projects and view marine life in the Indian Ocean. Then on land they explore issues related to wildlife conservation with the Jane Goodall Institute. Afterwards, students wrap up the trip with an unforgettable safari experience.

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Himalayan Trekking and Temples

This program gives students the opportunity to hike through the stunning scenery in Nepal, taking in views of the Himalayan Mountains. Along the way, they learn about the culture and religions in Nepal and enjoy adventure activities amid the landscapes, including a two day white water rafting adventure.

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Trekking in Nepal

Photo: Krish Khemlani

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