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Filtered: Experiencing the World Outside Your Comfort Zone
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Filtered: Experiencing the World Outside Your Comfort Zone

In contrast to the adrenaline rush of extreme activities, some of the most humbling and meaningful aspects of a Rustic Pathways program include opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and experience a different way of life.

This summer, Rustic students are experiencing the food, beliefs, and traditions of cultures all over the globe. By experiencing Ramadan in Morocco, celebrating traditional Fijian dance, and enjoying an authentic Indian homestay meal, there’s so much to learn from the communities we visit.

This week we’re taking an intimate look inside these moments of discovery and learning, as Rustic staff narrate their experiences in unique communities all over the globe.

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1. Mel Mencarelli, Program Leader | Laos

Buddha Lent started a few days ago and the students and I all woke up at 430 for morning alms. In Theravada Buddhism (found throughout SE Asia), monks depend on the community for food. Every morning people sit on the streets and offer sticky rice, packaged food and flowers (among other things) to the line of saffron robed monks of all ages that walk down the road offering up their bowls. Learning about how entrenched Buddhism is here through stories from my Lao and Thai staff has been so interesting!! Completely surpasses the knowledge in books. #rpstafftravels #rplaos

2. Julia Vann, Graphic Designer | Peru
High, high up in the mountains, you will find the true artists at work. Every single design they create is its own unique piece–this is the “jazz” of weaving. So much love and respect for these insanely talented women ❤ #Peru#rpstafftavels #rusticpathways #sacredvalley #llama #alpaca #wool#beautiful #travel #color#photography

3. Beth Eanelli, Program Leader | India
Our first homemade meal in India was cooked at the home of our friend Kriti. She and her Mother prepared plates and platters of Northern Indian curries, homemade street food, roti, puri, and semiya custard. There was so much love in this home on that day. Well worth not being able to button my pants. #sorustic#rpstafftravels

4. Britt Herron, Program Leader | Morocco
grateful for delicious food in Morocco, but especially during Ramadan when those fasting continue to prepare and serve meals to visitors like me with joyful hospitality – I admire and hope to emulate this selflessness and spirituality #rpstafftravels #sorustic

5. Mackenzie Field, Global Communications Coordinator | Fiji
Enjoying meke, traditional Fijian dancing and storytelling, in Somosomo Village.
#sorustic #rpfiji #somosomo #meke

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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kennedy has always loved traveling. Her professional background in publishing and photography have led her to discover the power in storytelling, and how it can facilitate a more empathetic understanding of the world around us. Kennedy interned for Rustic's Marketing Team while she was studying English at UC Berkeley. During study breaks, she's usually found hiking, listening to podcasts, or training for her next half-marathon.