Promoting your trip is all about getting the word out to interested students and their families… not to mention, it can create some pretty powerful results! Below are 10 simple, yet effective, suggestions on how to promote your trip to get the sign-ups you need.

1. Make an Announcement to Your Classes

Talk about your program in every class you teach, ask fellow teachers to spread the word in their classes, and don’t forget to use Homeroom or Morning Announcements!

2. Email the Listserve

Draft an email to your students, their parents, or even the whole school to give out program details and share the website link for your group trip.

3. Post Your Flyer

Print out color copies of your group’s flyer and canvas the school posting them in hallways, message boards, and gathering places around the school.

4. Host an Information Meeting at Your School

Plan a night and invite interested families to come, learn more, and ask questions. Rustic Pathways would also be happy to send a team member to attend or help host via Skype.

5. Use Incentives

At your information session sweeten the deal by offering a few points of extra credit, a special reward, or a homework pass for anyone who attends and brings one or more parent(s).

6. Spread the Word on Social Media

Contact your school’s IT department and request for them to post your social media image to the school’s website and social account pages.

7. Get Fellow Faculty Involved

If additional chaperones are joining you on your travels make sure they’re utilizing their student and parent network to encourage participation to reach an even wider audience.

8. Contact the Parent Teacher Association

The PTA a wonderful audience of important influencers at the school, so share the informational flyer and details about your trip to encourage their help in signing-up and spreading the word.

9. Share the Program Information at Events

Parent-teacher conferences, Back-To-School nights, sporting events, club meetings, pep rallies are great ways for you or excited students to talk to an already captive audience.

10. Reach out to School Newspapers and Newsletters

Write a small paragraph with details surrounding your trip and pass it along to go to print… maybe even promise them an exclusive interview after the group returns from their travels.

For more information about our teacher-led travel programs or to learn more about sharing program information with your school, please contact us at 800.321.4353 today!