Programs in Mongolia

Programs in Mongolia

Teacher-Led Trips in Mongolia

Our programs have worked since 2009 with nomadic communities in the Tavan Bogd mountain region, where villagers still live in traditional gers, circular buildings constructed of a wooden lattice and sheep felt. Mongolia has the lowest population density of any country in the world (there are just 3.2 people per square mile) and more horses than humans. Most Mongolians learn to ride horseback at a young age, and some ethnic groups still use trained golden eagles for hunting.

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Meaningful community service assisting members of ger communities in rural Mongolia.

$1,695 plus Airfare
Age 14-18
8 Days
10 Service Hours
Most Service

Bring your adventurous spirit as you trek through Mongolia's remote countryside

$3,770 plus Airfare
13 Days
15 Service Hours

It is hard to encapsulate Mongolia in a phrase. Is it the vast beauty of the country’s wide open spaces? The mountains that seem to reach the sky? The delicious khorkhog? Sitting around a ger talking and drinking milk tea? Or is it meeting the amazing people and experiencing their fascinating culture? Mongolia is all those things and so much more. You won’t regret your decision to experience it for yourself. – Amanda Cortes, Mongolia and China Country Director

Quote by: Raised in South Carolina, Amanda credits working in Switzerland and Colombia to kindling her love for travel, education, and cultural exchange. After graduating from Boston College, she led camping-based adventure tours across the “Lower 48” states, Canada, and Alaska. Amanda returned indoors to train leaders and manage operations with Rustic in 2015.