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Request a Trip Revision

Request a Trip Revision

Requests Can Only Be Submitted By Parents / Guardians

Before submitting your request, please be aware that all change requests are performed in a chronological order, and all requests are subject to staff review and availability. We will contact you to confirm the result of your request.

Administrative Fees

If you have enrolled through one of our special rate programs, please see the details specific to that program for details about revisions and administrative fees.

  • $100 for trip revisions when requested after issuance of Welcome Letter.
  • $150 for revisions when the request is received less than 30 days prior to the departure date.

In addition, the family must pay any additional program costs, fare increases, and change fees imposed by the airlines. Change is subject to availability of programs and flights.

When you submit a revision request, you agree to pay any and all applicable administration fees regarding this change request.

Submit a Revision Request

If you have questions about changes or are unsure of what you are requesting, please call us at 440.975.9961, or email us at rustic@rusticpathways.com prior to submitting your request.