I Met My Life-Long Best Friend on the Way to the Dominican Republic

I Met My Life-Long Best Friend on the Way to the Dominican Republic

Alison Sawyer

Summer Camp Leadership in the Dominican Republic 2016

Rustic Pathways’ service trips for high school students don’t end when the program finishes. For many students, their Rustic trip is just the beginning of lifelong friendships. We received the following message from Alison in 2020 and it has been shared with her permission. Read Alison and Makenzie’s story below!

My Rustic/life long best friend and I wanted to reach out and share our story with you guys and say thank you for being the platform that introduced us!

So back in 2016, we met in the JFK terminals heading to the Dominican Republic!

Mackenzie and myself (Alison) had never met in person but had been texting for a few weeks with other girls who were on the trip (who we still talk to and have had reunions with!).

We quickly found out we only lived 20 minutes away from each other at home and long story short, the trip was the start of our crazy adventurous and close knit friendship!

Since 2016, we have gone to college together at Elon University and have been roommates for the past 2 years!


We have traveled to multiple countries and states together and have gone on countless road trips across the states…from 2016 to 2020 our adventures and memories together are truly hilarious, amazing, once in a lifetime, and absolutely unforgettable!!

We are both currently quarantined together and your post made us sentimental and thankful for all of our journeys together starting with that one trip to the Dominican Republic!

Hope you are all staying healthy and safe. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to hear our lil story!


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