Teacher Appreciation Program Discounts

Program Discount
Seven Wonders of Australia 20% Off
Grear Barrier Reef Dive Expedition 10% Off
Animal Conservation in Australia 20% Off
Floating Village Service Expedition 30% Off
Off the Map: Cambodia 20% Off
Snapshots of Southeast Asia 20% Off
Wonders of China 10% Off
Costa Rica
Costa Rican Adventurer 20% Off
Heart of the Jungle 20% Off
Youth Empowerment Project 20% Off
Intro to Community Service in Costa Rica 35% Off
Nicoya Turtle Expedition 30% Off
Ramp Up Your Spanish 30% Off
Summer Camp Leadership in Costa Rica 20% Off
Surf and Service in Costa Rica 20% Off
Soccer and Service in Costa Rica 30% Off
Turtle Conservation Project 20% Off
Young Explorers: Pura Vida 30% Off
Dominican Republic
Public Health in the Caribbean 20% Off
Island Living and Eco-Service 20% Off
Spring to the Dominican Republic 10% Off
Life in the Bateyes 25% Off
Marine Life and Coastal Restoration 20% Off
Mountain Air and Village Service 20% Off
Summer Camp Leadership in the Dominican Republic 20% Off
Fiji Islands
Spring to Fiji 10% Off
Big Fiji Explorer 20% Off
Escape to the Fiji Islands 20% Off
Fiji Diver’s Dream 20% Off
Highlands and Islands Service Immersion 30% Off
Intro to Community Service in Fiji 35% Off
Marine Service and Adventure 20% Off
Pacific Adrenaline 20% Off
Sun, Sand, and International Service 30% Off
Come with Nothing: The Mekong Expedition 20% Off
Southeast Asian Adventurer 20% Off
Laos Service Adventure 30% Off
Off the Map: Mongolia 15% Off
Advanced Photography Workshop 20% Off
Moroccan Wanderer 20% Off
Atlas Mountain Service 30% Off
Mystery Trip 10% Off
Andes to Amazon 20% Off
La Niña Andina: Women’s Empowerment in Peru 20% Off
Peru by Backpack 20% Off
Sacred Valley Service 20% Off
Spring to Peru’s Sacred Valley 10% Off
African Environmental Conservation 15% Off
Climbing Kili 15% Off
Culture and the Crater 25% Off
Serengeti to Zanzibar 10% Off
Amazing Thailand 20% Off
Marine and Rainforest Conservation in Thailand 15% Off
Community Health and Wilderness First Aid 20% Off
Hill Tribe Service and Elephant Conservation 20% Off
Elephants and Amazing Thailand 20% Off
Intro to Community Service in Thailand 35% Off
Island Hopping and Diving 10% Off
Access to Education: Thailand 25% Off
Wonders and Riches of Southeast Asia 10% Off
United States
California Rush 20% Off
Rebuilding New Orleans 20% Off
Young Explorers: New Orleans 10% Off
Hanoi to Ha Long 20% Off