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On this virtual voyage through the Republic of Korea, learn about the country’s past, present and future –  from a state of ruins to the most vibrant democracy and economy in Asia.

Travel and Adventure

Sea Women of South Korea
Meet the women divers of Jeju Island. Known for fierce independence and pluck, haenyo represent the matriarchal family structure of Jeju. This way of life dating back to 400 AD is under threat as modernization looms.

DMZ and Tourism
The most heavily fortified border in the world splits Korea in two. On one side, the prosperous democratic Republic of Korea. On the other lies Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a Stalinist hereditary regime with nuclear weapons. Learn more about the 38th parallel.


Traditional Arts in Korea
Explore the traditional dance and arts of Korea.

K-Beauty Explained
K-beauty (Korean beauty) has taken the global make up industry by storm.

Your Guide To Getting Into K-Pop
This article covers four generations of K-Pop, including tracks by includes tracks by H.O.T., Girls Generation, BTS and more.


Ode to My Father
This schmaltzy Blue Dragon Film Award-winner will have you in tears. Best compared to Forrest Gump, this is a story of family love triumphing over time.

Spotify Playlist
This stellar playlist will get you dancing, smiling and inspired to shop for cosmetics. Updates weekly.

Korean Films and TV Shows on Netflix

Rustic in Korea

Photos from Rustic travelers

Rustic Programs in Asia


Maangchi’s Big Book of Korean Cooking
Korean cuisine contains multitudes. Maangchi is the Julia Child of Korean Cuisine. Get to know your banchan [반찬, side dishes] in this authoritative cookbook

Korean Fried Chicken
This video is worth watching for the sound of that *crunch* alone. Make a crispy Korean fried chicken meal at home in only 15 minutes.

Best Korean Dishes
If you are worried your diet lacks variety, Korean food has got your back. South Koreans have adapted versatile ingredients into an immeasurable number of delicious meals.

Korean Street Food
In episode 6 of Street Food Asia on Netflix, see food stalls at Gwangjang Market with local favorites such as soy-marinated crabs and knife-cut noodles.



Learn Language on Your Own
For the self-driven, online tools for learning Korean language basics at home.



Korea – The Impossible Country
The definitive story of Korea’s rise, cultural roots and present day. By Daniel Tudor.

National Book Award Finalist. The epic tale of four generations of Korean immigrants as they struggle through poverty, love, and Japanese imperialism.

The Girl with Seven Names
This New York Times best seller tells the true story of a 17 year old’s escape from North Korea. By Hyeonseo Lee.


Hot Topics

South Korea’s Universal Basic Income Experiment to Boost the Economy
Gyeonggi Pay provides residents with a cash payout of ~$220 every three months to spend at their local neighborhood small businesses.