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China, one of the oldest civilizations on earth, and now a growing world power. Take a virtual voyage through China to learn about the country’s past, present and future. 

Travel and Adventure

China Country Overview by Rustic Pathways
Learn about the country’s culture and history, local language and foods.

China Highlights
From giant pandas to giant cities, everything about China is grand.

Q&A: Going to China With Rustic Pathways
Our China Country Manager answers the most frequently asked questions about travel to China.

Great Wall of China
Totaling more than 13,000 miles, the Great Wall of China will take your breath away.

10 Best Places to Visit in China
Explore China, the gateway to East Asia, in this video.

History and Hot Topics

Fujian Tulou Homes
Houses for up to 800 people each!

China’s Dynasties in Seven Minutes
A crash course on 5000 years of Chinese history.

Climate Change and Pollution Learn how the Innovative Financing for Air Pollution Control Program has brought in financed investments.

China Tightens Climate Targets in 2020
President Xi Jinping has pledged that China will adopt stronger climate targets to achieve “carbon neutrality before 2060.”

Rustic in China

Photos from Rustic travelers

Rustic Programs in China


How to Eat Xiao Long Bao
Famous soup dumplings from Shanghai. These steamed buns filled with soup and meat are a must-try!

Scallion Pancake Recipe
Tasty, crispy, and flaky are just a few words to describe this delicious snack!

Mapo Tofu
Watch soybeans from the field get transformed into tofu, then into a traditional spicy tofu dish.


Books of China
Get a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and history with these book recommendations.


Chinese New Year
The most important holiday in China!

NBA in China
Podcast episode: Why China Went to War With the N.B.A.

Chinese Indie Folk and Acoustic Music Playlist
A relaxing playlist thats great for studying.

Try it Out

Learn the eight basic Chinese strokes in this video.