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On this virtual voyage through Cambodia, learn about the country’s past, present and future.

Cambodia Overview

Cambodia Country Book by Rustic Pathways
A brief history, fun facts, cultural expectations and culinary delights that will provide a deeper understanding of the country of Cambodia.

Travel and Adventure

NatGeo Video on Angkor Wat
You can’t mention Cambodia without Angkor Wat. Let’s get that out of the way with a brief video diving into one of the original Wonders of the World.

10 Facts About Cambodia
A general list, but includes often overlooked portions of Cambodia and its culture. Surprise your friends and family with facts they won’t know about The Kingdom of Wonder!

Cambodia—A Rustic Love Story
Thoughts from our Cambodia country director on her adopted country of Cambodia and why she can’t wait to return home.

A to Z: Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Cambodia
A collection of all things Cambodian.

Q&A: Going to Cambodia With Rustic Pathways
Our Cambodia Country Manager answers the most frequently asked questions about travel to Cambodia.


A Brief History of Cambodia
Haven’t been to Cambodia, or explored this “pearl of Southeast Asia”? This is your chance. We’ll start with this condensed version of a very long history of the country known as Kampuchea.

Ta Prohm’s Haunting Ruins are a 1,000-year-old Climate Change Warning
The jungle has overtaken this temple built in 1186.

The Killing Fields Trailer
-Warning- this is a graphic film, but a very important one to understand the heartbreak of this wonderful country. The Killing Fields is a celebrated story of survival during one of the worst genocides in the world, conducted by the authoritarian Khmer Rouge government following the Vietnam War. If you’d like to explore this film, start with the trailer here, but again viewer discretion is advised.

Rustic in Cambodia

Photos from Rustic travelers

Rustic Programs in Cambodia


Video on Cambodian Cuisine
Cambodian Cuisine is so delicious! We’re excited to share it with you, through a video from the Fung Brothers. Take a few minutes and see if this food would be for you.

Amok Recipe
A typical dish in Cambodia.


Destination Cambodia
For a deeper context of the country, seen through a tourist’s lens, consider the book Destination Cambodia- one of our favorites!

In the Shadow of the Banyan
This novel is set during the regime from the eyes of a seven-year-old.


Cambodian Music Genre Review
If you’re interested in World Music, you’ll need to know Cambodia. The Khmer culture’s musical emphasis provides a rich history of song and dance to explore, starting with this 15 minute article. The Rustic Team is big fans of Dengue Fever- check them out inside!


Explore Angkor Wat Virtually
Now that you’re accustomed to Cambodia and some of its “greatest hits”, it’s Tomb Raider time! Explore the tunnels, catacombs, and amazing views inside the Angkor Wat complex through Google’s customized street view experience of this incredible site.