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Troy Pearson's Employee Profile

VP, Student Travel Sales

Troy Pearson

What have your own international travels entailed?

I have been to Mexico, British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Colombia, Italy and France. As most Californians, Mexico is a popular destination for your first “out of country” experience. Mexico is awesome, they have great food, friendly prices, and beautiful golf courses. I have been with family, my wife, and bachelor parties and never seems to disappoint. I traveled the BVI’s for a 10 days by boat and it was one of the best vacations of my life. We had to opportunity to visit 8 different islands during our time in the US and British Virgin Islands – while all share similarities they all have something unique about them as well. Not only does the white sand for miles and clear blue ocean water not get old, the hospitality is outstanding. I always say to friends and family that is now my retirement destination.

I had the opportunity to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia for only 4 days but was 100% worth the journey from California. We had the opportunity to stay right on the water right outside the castle walls from Dubrovnik. We got to walk the castle walls, visit multiple filming sights for Game of Thrones and visit cliff/cave bars. The best part of the trip was sailing the Adriatic Sea and visiting a few of the islands in the area. I plan to go back to spend more time one day. I got to visit Medellin, Colombia with a handful of my best friends and what a time we had. We got to play soccer and Tejo with the locals. Visit multiple famous sites and hike a famous rock in Guatape.

Most recently I got to travel Italy for a couple weeks and Paris, France for a week. I started in Venice which was amazing to see the canals and architecture of that city in person. Then to Florence and wine country which was amazing before heading to Napoli to try a pizza in the “home of the pizza” before spending the rest of our time in Positano, which is my second favorite place beside the Virgin Islands. Positano is a beautiful place, with plenty of seafood and lemon gelato for everybody. Taking a boat to Capri for the day was also a great experience visiting the green and blue grottos. After Positano I had the opportunity to visit Paris, France which reminded me of a much older New York City. The unique blend of culture in Paris is what I admired most, it made for great fusion food restaurants as well.

What do you like most about Rustic Pathways?

The thing I appreciate most is the opportunity Rustic provides for teens and young adults to visit cultures all around the world and not just observe, but take part. I believe is it important to immerse yourself in other cultures in order to really understand the rest of the world and the people who live in it. The social skills that these experiences help develop at an early age are crucial for development into their adult life. It’s really awesome to say that you works for a company that is helping positively shape today’s youth for the future.

What are you passionate about?

I would say today my top hobbies and passions are as follows, my dog, hunting, bbq’ing and cooking, vegetable garden, golfing, and traveling with my wife. We have a chocolate labradoodle name Tully and she is the center of our house hold. She lives to play ball, go on runs, and any human food she can find. Any vacation that does not involve a flight must include a dog friendly hotel nowadays. I love the outdoors in general but more specifically hunting in order to provide for me and my family. Hunting is a great discipline as you learn respect for firearms and wildlife. Helping the conservation of today’s wildlife lands is one of my main interest.

My garden is another hobby of my learned at a young age. Luckily living in California, we grow fruit and vegetables for about eight months out of the year in our backyard. Now of course, with all the proteins and vegetables around, somebody has to cook it. I love to cook, would even like to open a restaurant one day, although bbq’ing is my passion. I think food brings people together and I truly appreciate the social aspect. Once being an athlete and now many injuries/surgeries deep, golf is my sport of choice now days. It is a great way to stay competitive and get 5 hour outdoors in the sun. Last, any opportunity to travel with my wife is always a good one. Being a fellow foodie we often can’t find a place we don’t disagree on for a good meal.

Why do you view travel as an essential part of every education?

I believe travel offers an opportunity for students at a young age to experience other cultures and communities around the world which helps shape their global perspective in a positive manner. Classroom knowledge is valuable but being able to physically travel to another country and experience their community and culture first hand is unforgettable. Especially in a day of age where technology and social media platforms shape so much of what teens/young adults believe to be true verse getting outside of their comfort zone to have the experiences themselves. Not to mention the network it allows you to build as you make friends and memories while traveling at a young age.