Our Team in Fiji Islands


Evan Wells

South Pacific Regional Director and Fiji Country Director

Born in New Zealand and now living between Australia and Fiji, Evan has spent the last 25 years helping to grow and shape Rustic Pathways into what it is today. As the organization’s longest- standing employee, he serves as a director for our Fijian and Australian companies. Evan is an inveterate traveler and, when away from work, he enjoys exploring the world with his wife and two sons.


Doryan Givel

Fiji and New Zealand Country Manager

While raised in the cold mountains of Switzerland, Doryan quickly developed a passion for the ocean and the warm tropics. Doryan studied international relations and tourism and has been working in marine conservation and education projects involving students in the Maldives, Philippines, Belize and Fiji for 4 years, before joining the Rustic Pathways team. He is passionate about developing innovative projects to involve international students in the local communities here in Fiji. 

Aimee Gunn

Fiji Group Travel Coordinator

Aimee’s appreciation of nature and passion for the outdoors led her to the University of Florida where she studied natural resource conservation. Before joining the Fiji team in 2012, Aimee gained extensive experience working with young adults in a variety of different environments in the USA, Canada and Central America. After growing up in southern Florida, her love of the ocean and beach culture has been a valuable asset to help manage Fiji programs and contribute to trips in New Zealand and Australia. 

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Rajnesh ‘Raju’ Ram

Fiji Operations Manager

Born in the Momi Bay area, Raju oversees trans- portation logistics and manages our Eco-Lodge farm. He plays a key role in many of our service initiatives and was elected by the community to serve as Provincial Councilor. Raju plays in nightly soccer matches at the base and enjoys teaching our students about the Indian elements of Fijian culture. He loves to spend time with his wife and daughters on their farm.

Jowave Nauluwavu

Fiji Eco-Lodge Program Manager

Jowave has worked with Rustic Pathways for many years and brings great care and humor to our programs. Born and raised in Momi, one of our neighboring villages, his community input and respect opens wonderful doors for our students. Jowave has led our Momi programs, as well as adventure and Gap Year programs. When not overseeing our Eco-Lodge programs, Jowave will be found spending time with his children.

Lauren Coffey

Travel Program Manager

Lauren is in love with the outdoors and would always rather be playing outside. The desert is home, but she also loves the mountains and the ocean – don’t make her choose her favorite! A good cup of coffee in the morning is her love language and she’s always down to exchange book recommendations. Lauren has worked extensively in Fiji for Rustic Pathways both as a Program Leader and Program Manager.

Panapasa ‘Oro’ Orodai

Highlands Program Manager

Oro has brought laughter to the Rustic Pathways team since the day he joined us. From the rural village of Wauosi in the interior of Fiji, not far from our Highlands Base, he studied at Nadi College. Oro’s great sense of adventure, natural athletic ability, and extensive knowledge of the cultures and geography of Fiji make him a strong leader. When asked how he is doing, Oro always responds, “110 percent.” His energy and excitement are a great benefit to the programs in Fiji.

Waisale ‘Whise’ Naivaluvou

Islands Program Manager

Known as ‘Whise’ in Somosomo, this Rustic Pathways leader is a vital personality that keeps the day positive and programs running smoothly at the Islands Base. He has a little boy and girl that always bring a smile to Rustic Pathways students. This jack-of-all-trades, who is affectionately considered “the manta ray whisperer,” is known for being able to pull in a big fish on command and throw down a spike for the final point in an afternoon volleyball game.

Yoshneel Chand

Fiji Administration Manager

Yoshneel hails from the Sigatoka area of the main island and brings a youthful energy to the busy accounting department in Fiji. A graduate of University of Fiji with a degree in Business, Yoshneel left the traditional accounting world behind for the adventurous Rustic Pathways lifestyle. When not looking after the books, you can often spot Yoshneel and his signature Aviator sunglasses at the Eco-Lodge where he is an active member of our Momi community!

Ritesh Narayan

Fiji Building Projects Manager

Ritesh is responsible for looking after all of our service projects that operate around Momi Bay. Born and raised just a stone’s throw away from our Eco-Lodge Base, his sense of humour and construction skills are always in demand. Ritesh learned his skills from his father, who also played an integral role in the development of Rustic Pathways bases in Fiji.

Sandhiya Gosai

Fiji Kitchens Manager

Sandy is one of the esteemed chefs at our Momi Base. Over the years Sandy has become not only a talented member of our kitchen team, but a great personality and someone many of our students love to hang out with. Whether it is preparing traditional Indian dishes, catering to special dietary requests, or helping students understand how to prepare a traditional Fijian lovo, Sandy has become a fixture of our team.

Poonam Sarika

Fiji Eco-Lodge Base Rooms Manager

Poonam’s bright smile and always positive attitude make her a great support to our students. She is directly responsible for taking care of our student accommodation at the Eco-Lodge Base House and always creates a wonderful home for those passing through. Living just down the road from the Eco-Lodge, Poonam can often be found spending free time with her husband and young daughter.

Leba Digitaki

Fiji Marine Program Manager

Originally from Fiji’s remote Lau group, Leba was raised in Suva and is a graduate of the University of the South Pacific with a degree in Marine Biology. Before joining the Rustic Pathways Fiji team, she served as a marine biologist for several of Fiji’s environmental NGOs and resorts. Her background in both the tourist and environmental service fields has made her a perfect fit for our Marine Programs. Leba is fearless in the water and has a great love for sharks!