Surf, Service, and Unmatched Fun! Discover Spring Break


Students participating in the Climate Leaders Fellowship program in the Spring of 2022 designed a plethora of projects to tackle waste management issues.
With the help of Rustic students, thousands of sea turtles have survived in an increasingly challenging environment.
Get a teen ready for service travel by viewing some local volunteer ideas that'll create a service mindset and help teens make an impact internationally and locally.
It's important for travelers to promote the three pillars of sustainability, which is easier during an immersive travel experience.
This summer's Hawaii program included a hike through a lava tube, snorkeling amid the reefs, service in a remote valley, and an unexpected twist.  
A special online program is being launched this July by the Stanford University Center for Deliberative Democracy and the Rustic Pathways Foundation. The Global Youth Climate Summit will challenge students in 7th-12th grade to design innovative solutions to environmental issues.
Today’s teenagers are regularly tuned in to issues about climate change and the environment. Parents can foster that interest and plan family activities around official events that focus on nature. Here is a look at some of these upcoming events and programs that may help, along with some Rustic Pathways’ alumni thoughts about these issues.
Calista Schloessmann, Rustic alumni, shares her Rustic journey and what has led to her continued efforts to help provide safe and dignified housing to families in the Dominican Republic.
"Vivid in my memory are those first moments of extreme heat, hustle and bustle, and a rapid intake of a culture far different than my own. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed but excited! I’d be spending the next two weeks in a small community providing what help I could, then heading to an elephant sanctuary. Little did I know that the first week would change me forever."
Rustic alum and Impact Ambassador, Sophia Sharma, is investing her time and energy to raise funds and awareness to conserve the Peruvian Amazon. She tells us why her experience on the Andes to Amazon program was so impactful.
If you're a high schooler eager to participate in community service in another country—or a recent high school graduate looking for alternate career options—now is the time to consider volunteering abroad. These international volunteer programs, which provide opportunities to engage in fulfilling work while immersing in a foreign culture, are an enriching experience for anyone.
High school students have the power to change the world. They have the potential to make dynamic and lasting impacts on the lives of countless individuals. Whether you best showcase your talents on the field or in the classroom, anyone with a little bit of time and a sincere desire to help can accomplish amazing feats. You can truly make a difference in the world by getting involved in your local community.
You won't necessarily need to prepare for medical school in high school, as med school comes after you graduate from a pre-med program, but you can still make choices that will affect you long-term. For example, if you travel while you're a student, you'll have an unforgettable experience that will change the way you see the world.
Did you know Rustic alumni are continuing to create real impact, even after their program ends? They are unstoppable forces who are raising awareness and funds for community projects around the world. We refer to these change makers as Impact Ambassadors.
Learn more about our Global Impact Committee members, a team of go-getter development experts who work on everything impact related at Rustic—from community service projects to best environmental practices.
As in years past, Rustic Pathways students continued to make us proud in 2017 with their commitment to our mission to positively impact lives…
The Rustic Pathways staff who operate our programs in more than 20 countries where students travel have a ridiculous amount of travel knowledge. Many have worked in multiple countries so we thought who better than them to ask about what programs to recommend? If you're still trying to decide between summer travel experiences, check out the…
Feb. 20 was the one-year anniversary of Cyclone Winston, the strongest storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. The storm left a trail of devastation across many of Fiji's 332 islands, killing 44 people and impacting 350,000 others. The total estimated damage reached $1.4 billion. We wanted to take a look back and share with…