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What’s happening with technology and start-ups in your country?

In the US, Silicon Valley is known as the center of new tech. But increasingly in the US and globally, technology is democratizing. We asked our local partners what the tech scene looks like in their countries.
From volunteering time to donations, there are many ways we can think of giving. We reached out to friends and colleagues throughout the Rustic Pathways community to hear how people define "giving". This is the third article in the Rustic Pathways Global Perspectives Series.
The global Rustic Pathways team shares how people relax, play, and cope with stress particularly during difficult times.
After having spent the last two summers with Rustic Pathways in Fiji, it’s hard to believe that life hasn’t always been a series of…
Name: Max Veenema Gap Year Program Leader: South Pacific Service and Ocean Skills How did you begin working for Rustic Pathways? I started working with Rustic in the Fiji Islands. I had come from California, where I spent much of my time in the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to experience a new culture while still…