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If you have never taken a Rustic trip before, this is the advice I wished I knew before I went on my first trip!!
"I looked around and took in every detail. Some were struggling to use a chopstick, food was being switched around so people could try everything, and laughter was everywhere. I thought to myself, how lucky am I to be here, right now, in this moment? I felt such inner content and joy, it was hard to believe that I was ever anxious about being there."
"Vivid in my memory are those first moments of extreme heat, hustle and bustle, and a rapid intake of a culture far different than my own. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed but excited! I’d be spending the next two weeks in a small community providing what help I could, then heading to an elephant sanctuary. Little did I know that the first week would change me forever."
The second part of my blog series covers my time during my Global Fellowship in Southeast Asia. Over three weeks I traveled to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.
Meet Mary. Mary traveled to Thailand this past summer with Rustic, and returned home to Alabama and immediately started training for her first half…
This month’s spotlights are shining on three awesome girls whose programs in Morocco, India, and Thailand far exceeded their expectations. Hear about their eye-opening experiences and the connections Nabilla, Sarah, and Maggie discovered within their new environments. Nabilla traveled to Morocco with Souqs and Service as an Ambassador scholarship recipient. She had the unique experience…
This month, we're featuring Isabella, Cameron, and Maria. These three awesome Rustic alum adventured with us this past summer and shared some thoughts about what it's like to travel outside their home countries, dive into unfamiliar territory, make friends from around the world, and accomplish their biggest goals. Read on for their stories and great advice…
This time of year, letters from students and parents fill our inboxes with tales of extraordinary experiences and positive impact.