What You Need To Know About Your 2019 Pre-Departure Package
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What You Need To Know About Your 2019 Pre-Departure Package

Each year we create a special pre-departure package for students who are traveling with us! Continue reading to find out what’s inside (and more behind why we designed and included each piece).

2019 Rustic Pathways Pre-Departure Package

Rustic Welcome Card Grid – NEW for 2019

Welcome! In this package, you’ll find nine unique cards to welcome you to Rustic and get you prepared for your upcoming adventures. Each card was created with interactive, fun activities designed to encourage you to learn more about your destination and to help you set your expectations while traveling with us. Learn the local greetings, discover how to be a sustainable traveler, dive into the community service you’ll be doing, and more! Are you #RusticReady?

2019 Rustic Tee

To create this year’s design, our graphic designer Julia Vann drew inspiration from cultural patterns and textiles from her travels with Rustic.

“As an artist, I have always loved how a pattern adds endless possibilities to a beautiful design. Rustic’s global community is full of vibrant patterns that represent all walks of life. I took elements from each country and created a pattern that interweaves all of our Rustic communities. We usually illustrate our Rustic shirts through regional land elements, but this year I wanted to represent the people who make up our Rustic family.”

Remember to wear your Rustic t-shirt on travel day!

Rustic Airport Coordinators and Flight Leaders will be wearing a light blue version of the t-shirt.

Want to see what previous Rustic t-shirts looked like? Check out this video. We dug up t-shirts going all the way back to 2007. That’s 12 years of Rustic shirts!


Wear this in addition to your Rustic t-shirt during travel day and throughout your trip. It has our emergency number on it…just in case!

International SOS ID card

International SOS is a leading provider of international medical, security, and travel assistance. Students receive a membership with International SOS upon enrollment, providing access to travel safety and security information consultations, and vaccination recommendations. The ID card includes a 24 / 7-accessible phone number and email address should you have any questions before or during your trip. This is a great piece to share with your family members and hang on your fridge, or wherever you and your family keep important, shared information.

Luggage Tags

Two luggage tags to use with on the bags (one checked, one carry-on) that you take on your trip (Yes, that’s a subtle hint. Don’t bring more than two bags with you!)


We wanted to make it easier for you to record those memories in your travel journal? If you don’t already, it’s really easy to keep a travel journal. Read why a seasoned traveler thinks it’s so important to journal.


You’ll get a sticker with the name of the country or countries where you’re traveling and another general Rustic sticker to put wherever you want. Decorate a water bottle, share with a friend, or put them up in your bedroom or locker—it’s up to you!

Rustic Pathways stickers

Please let us know if you have any questions about your pre-departure package. Happy traveling!

If you have any questions about how to choose a program, request a call from one our global travel experts. 

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