What happens after a Rustic Pathways program?
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What happens after a Rustic Pathways program?

As a former Rustic Pathways student, I’m excited to share our newest video with you — and not just because I’m in it! Over the years Rustic Pathways has helped me, and many others, form our life trajectories. Our latest video showcases just some of the ways a Rustic Pathways experience can impact students.

There are so many reasons why it was worth it for me to travel and volunteer at a young age. During my Rustic programs, I discovered I was passionate about human rights advocacy and decided to pursue this interest by studying international relations at Brown University. Wanting to apply my studies to the real world, I founded a micro-finance initiative to support indigenous women in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I also discovered a love of Latin dance while studying abroad in Guatemala.

In addition to defining my interests and laying the foundation for my studies and career path, traveling with Rustic Pathways helped me grow as a young adult. I returned home more confident, more outgoing, and better prepared to handle new challenges.

How will your Rustic Pathways experience define who you are and who you become?


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