Thrival Students Prepare for Three Months of Study Abroad in Thailand
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Thrival Students Prepare for Three Months of Study Abroad in Thailand

The first Thrival World Academies class is leaving for Thailand today. Since the school year began in August, the students from Oakland have been preparing for their three months abroad as part of our partnership with Thrival to build the largest network of publicly-funded study abroad high schools in the country.

As part of that preparation, the students started learning Thai, visited a monastery in Berkeley, and participated in mini Rustic programs in Big Sur and Lake Tahoe—all of which supplements what they’re learning every day in the classroom.

The students spent three days at wintry Lake Tahoe in December. The trip allowed them to explore a new environment, face challenges as a group, and reflect on their personal goals while having lots fun. They also participated in a learning excursion similar to experiences they’ll have in Thailand with Keep Tahoe Blue, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Check out some of the photos from the students’ trip to Lake Tahoe.

The first Thrival class, (pictured left to right) Nayeli Dueñas-Medina, Rob Ramos, Griselda Perez-Sales, Jignasha Pandya (Thrival’s Director of Academics and Instruction), Louis Bryant (Thrival’s Director Of Engagement and Experiential Learning), Liyah Perez, Enasia Mc-Elvaine, Ciara Smith, Andres McDade, Manuel Carranza Jr., Stephanie Alvarenga and Amoy Tomlin.

The students didn’t have the best luck with the weather during the trip. But when it eventually stopped raining, the sun emerged, and with it a spectacular rainbow.

Stephanie Alvarenga and Manuel Carranza Jr. build a snowman. Many of the students played in the snow for the first time.

Rob Ramos was involved in one of the many snowball fights that during those few days in Tahoe.

Ciara Smith walks along the side of the side of the lake.

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. While most enjoy Tahoe’s snow sports during winter months, we saw a few boats on the lake.

The students are introduced to Keep Tahoe Blue and some of its initiatives. Before the trip, they studied water quality and stormwater infrastructure in class.

Nayelli Dueñas-Medina and Griselda Perez-Sales test water samples as part of their activities at Keep Tahoe Blue. This model of experiential learning is how lessons will be structured while the students are in Thailand.

The lesson with Keep Tahoe Blue continues outside as students learn more about stormwater and its effects on the lake.

Ciara finds another use for a Keep Tahoe Blue sticker.

Students, including Nayeli Dueñas-Medin, Enasia Mc-Elvaine, and Amoy Tomlin spent evenings playing cards and hanging out by the fire.

The staff and students also played Bananagrams and other games.

Some of the students agreed to take a selfie with me.

Learn more about Rustic’s partnership with Thrival.

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