The Rustic Pathways Foundation Paves Way for Greater Impact
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The Rustic Pathways Foundation Paves Way for Greater Impact

As Rustic Pathways students embark on another transformative summer, the Rustic Pathways Foundation is pleased to share some exciting news about our funding strategy and—drumroll please—the projects we’ve prioritized with our community partners for 2017 .

For those unfamiliar with the Rustic Foundation, we are a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to harness the passion, energy, and generosity of the Rustic Pathways community. Our mission is to support local communities in their effort to implement sustainable solutions to development challenges in many of the countries where Rustic Pathways operates.

Our projects are organized by country, some with multiple projects. In the past, donors and fundraisers could support each project individually. This is an important shift that allows us to improve how we meet the needs of communities we serve. With this new structure, the Rustic Foundation will more effectively leverage the passion of students returning from Rustic programs while also creating the highest level of impact in those local communities.

What does this mean for donors and fundraisers? An even greater impact!

These changes only increase the impact we’re able to achieve. The Rustic Foundation will continue to use 100% of donations received to directly support projects in each country.

This new funding strategy emphasizes our commitment to provide comprehensive support on a range of priorities and to make real and lasting improvements to the quality of life in our partner communities.

2017 Regional Fundraising Campaigns

If you’d like to support one of the Rustic Foundation’s 2017 Fundraising Initiatives, become a Development Ambassador and start raising money today!

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