Stranger Things Quiz: Where Should You Travel?
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Stranger Things Quiz: Where Should You Travel?

So maybe Stranger Things does not have the best travel destinations. Obviously the Upside Down would be a travel nightmare multiplied. And who knows why everyone does not just move out of Hawkins. But maybe what you like about Stranger Things can help you pick a great travel destination to get away from it all.

Answer the questions below to see. You can either self-score to get your travel advice or go to Survey Monkey to have your tally calculated for you. Then you can view your travel recommendation at the bottom.

1. Your favorite character couple is…

A. Eleven & Mike
B. Max & Lucas
C. Nancy & Steve
D. Nancy & Jonathan
E. Joyce & Hopper
F. Dustin & Suzie

2. Would you rather visit…

A. Hawkins, Indiana
B. Nome, Alaska
C. Salt Lake City, Utah (where they visit Suzie)
D. Lenora Hills, California
E. Russia
F. Area 51, Nevada (where El is taken)

3. Would you rather work at…

A. Arcade
B. Scoops Ahoy
C. Video Store
D. Newspaper
E. Police Station
F. Radio Shack

4. Which character would you most likely be friends with?

A. Eleven
B. Robin
C. Nancy
D. Will
E. Murray
F. Dustin

5. What character do you hope to see more of in the last episodes of Season 4?

A. Mike
B. Lucas
C. Will
D. Jonathan
E. Hopper
F. Erica

6. What is your favorite song in the show that could save you from the Upside Down?

A. Stranger Things Title Sequence
B. Running Up That Hill
C. You Spin Me Round
D. California Dreaming
E. Travelin’ Man
F. NeverEnding Story

7. What power of El’s would you most like to have?

A. Telekinesis – moving objects and people with your mind
B. Psychometry – gaining information by touching an object
C. Astral Projection – intentional out of body experiences
D. Telepathy – communicating with your mind
E. Memory reading – viewing other people’s memories
F. Technopathy – transporting voices over electric speakers


1 point for each A
2 points for each B
3 points for each C
4 points for each D
5 points for each E
6 points for each F

Destination for Each Point Total

7-12  Points – Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you will be greeted with a hometown friendliness and camaraderie similar to what you see in Hawkins. Unlike Hawkins, there fortunately aren’t portals to frightening worlds. And the creatures in the country are a lot more pleasant than demodogs and hospital monsters.

While in Costa Rica, you may not be able to move objects or people with your mind, but you can use physics to have the same effect. In Costa Rica are a number of opportunities to soar across the landscape on a zipline, tumble down a river while whitewater rafting or “levitate” above the water on a surfboard.

Zipline through the tropical rainforest high above La Fortuna. Copyright: © 2015 Rustic Pathways

13-18 Points  – Peru

Peru is a great place to go “running up that hill” with the Andes mountains providing many hiking options. For those who get cold easily, an added benefit is that Peru doesn’t get as chilly as Alaska but still has stunning scenery.

Peru also has enough adventure to keep curious and energetic teens who are like the Stranger Things characters very busy. Plus, just like Hawkins, there are many mysteries in Peru, including a number of unknowns surrounding the Incan creation of Machu Picchu.

You can go running up that hill to get to the mysterious Machu Picchu in Peru. Copyright: © 2015 Rustic Pathways

19-24 Points – Dominican Republic

After all Will has been through, he would appreciate a nice trip to a Caribbean nation like the Dominican Republic. It’s a place where chillaxing with friendly people is the name of the game. There’s also plenty to explore for all types of characters from the mountains to the beaches. If only you could take an astral protection journey there to see what’s in store.

Copyright: © 2015 Rustic Pathways

25-30 Points – Fiji

California dreamers can get something a bit more exotic in Fiji with its warm weather and welcoming beaches. At the same time, it would be a great place for characters like Nancy to hang out with locals and get some stories. Fijians love to share details about their lives and their culture.

Copyright: © 2015 Rustic Pathways

31-36 Points – Thailand

A trip to Thailand is great for the “travelin’ man” or any traveling teen or adult. Hopper and Joyce would appreciate the lush rainforests after being in a frozen tundra. And what a great place for El to do a memory reading with so much history there to share.

37-42 Points – Morocco

Maybe you can find El in the deserts of Morocco or sing about the never-ending story in a country rich with history. This is a great land for intellectuals like Dustin and Suzie who may want to learn more about the past or watch the stars from the middle of the Sahara Desert. It’s also of course a warmer place for those who may prefer the climate of California over that of chilly places like Russia.

Wherever you go on your journey, Stranger Things fans can be like their favorite characters and embrace a sense of adventure. Visit our program page to get started.

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