So You Want to Change the World? Join us in Morocco — For Free!
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So You Want to Change the World? Join us in Morocco — For Free!

Editors Note: This scholarship opportunity has closed. Please visit our scholarships page for info about current or upcoming student travel scholarship opportunities with Rustic Pathways.

Introducing Rustic Pathways’ first-ever By Invitation Program!

Designed to give future change makers the chance to tackle one of today’s most pressing global issues hands on, each year Rustic Pathways will select up to 15 students to participate in one of our Critical Issues programs, completely free.

One hundred. Percent. Free.

We believe our Critical Issues programs are incredible opportunities for future change makers to develop non-cognitive skills for future success, so we’ve removed the obstacle of cost completely.

For summer 2017, accepted students will join us in Morocco for Peace, Wonder, and Understanding Islam, a program focused on creating peace and celebrating diversity in a multicultural society.

Do you know someone who is destined to change the world in a big way? We’re talking the next Gandhi or Malala Yousafzai—a student who is a committed peace maker and a natural leader.

Learn more about the program and apply today!

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Rachel joined Rustic in 2013 and led programs for three summers in Costa Rica, Peru, and Ghana. She’s also led programs in Fiji and Tanzania. A graduate of the University of Vermont with degrees in sociology and Spanish, Rachel focuses her love for travel, writing, and her unquenchable curiosity of our natural world as Rustic’s Brand Engagement Manager. Based in Tahoe, CA, Rachel is a talented ceramicist and lover of the outdoors.