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Reasons to Enroll Before the General Registration Deadline
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Reasons to Enroll Before the General Registration Deadline

Rustic Pathways teen travel programs are filling up fast! That’s not the only reason to enroll now.

The General Enrollment Deadline is March 4. Anyone who enrolls before then will save $100 on the enrollment fee. But taking advantage of that savings isn’t the only reason to enroll before the deadline.

1. Lock in your first choice program

Last year, 70% of our program sessions were already sold out by March (read: FULL)! Get your first choice of program dates and locations by signing up before the General Enrollment Deadline.

2. No rush for visas, passports, and vaccinations

All international travel destinations require a valid passport, and most require those to have at least two blank pages. Applying for and receiving a new passport or a renewal can take up to six weeks (or two weeks if you expedite it). Many Rustic destinations also require tourist visas, which can take weeks to process online or by mail. And some vaccines require multiple doses spread out over weeks. So the sooner you enroll in a Rustic program and know when you’ll be leaving, the sooner you can get that paperwork squared away.

3. Pay in installments

One of our payment options is two equal installments. The first is due 15 days after enrollment, and the second can be paid at least 90 days prior to your departure date. The longer you have between enrollment and departure, the more time you have to pay for your program. Learn more about Rustic’s payment options.

4. More time to plan and get excited!

There’s nothing like the anticipation of traveling somewhere you’ve dreamed about visiting. By enrolling now, you’ll have more time to learn about your destination. And the excitement will build until they day you leave. During that time, we’ll send you a pre-departure package with Rustic swag and important info about your trip. By then, you’ll be a part of the Rustic fam and you can share the excitement with other students on your program.

5. Less stress

Hate last-minute planning? By figuring out your summer plans now, you won’t have to stress later. We guarantee your summer will be unforgettable!

6. Cheaper domestic connecting flights

Rustic flights leave from hub airports in the United States so each family is responsible for domestic transportation to that airport. If you have to fly there, enrolling early means you’ll have even more time to book a flight and ensure you find the least expensive option.

7. Save $100

After March 4, the enrollment fee doubles to $200. So why wait?!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our Global Program Advisors by phone at 800.321.4353, email at, or request a call. We’re excited for you to travel with us!

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Website Coordinator

Originally from a small town in Massachusetts, Emily realized her dreams of living in the mountains when she moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the fall of 2014. Prior to that, Emily lived and worked in NYC after graduating from Colgate University with a dual degree in Spanish and Environmental Studies. This is Emily’s first experience working with Rustic Pathways but has done a number of service and travel programs in the past including trips to the Dominican Republic, Spain, and Romania. Emily is passionate about playing in the mountains, yoga, cooking, and art.