MyIntent Features its Partnership with Rustic Pathways
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MyIntent Features its Partnership with Rustic Pathways

MyIntent, an organization working to spark meaningful conversations and positive action, recently featured its partnership with Rustic Pathways in a story on its blog.

The story describes how Rustic Pathways Foundation Executive Director Andrea Bouch discovered MyIntent. She was traveling in Fiji and noticed a Rustic student wearing a MyIntent bracelet. Andrea learned that MyIntent and Rustic share similar visions and decided the bracelets would be a great fundraising tool for the Foundation.

Rustic Pathways students wearing MyIntent bracelets supporting the Rustic Pathways Foundation

The Foundation sells country-specific MyIntent bracelets to raise money for projects in Cambodia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Fiji, and Peru.

“At Rustic Pathways, we’re working to create a world where all people are connected through a shared humanity and all decisions are made with a global perspective,” Andrea said. “There is a ton of intentionality in our work as we strive to empower the next generation of changemakers and create meaningful connections between young travelers and communities around the world. Our programs emphasize responsible travel and positive impact—70 percent of our programs include community service and we have a nonprofit branch that supports local development projects year-round. MyIntent has been a great way for us to continue this message of community and impact, while also supporting important projects in each country.”

Read the full story on MyIntent’s blog.

Learn more about how the Rustic Pathways Foundation supports local communities around the world.

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