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Looking Back on 2016 
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Looking Back on 2016 

Rustic Pathways has a lot to celebrate about what our students, staff, and community partners accomplished in 2016—from the number of service hours our students completed to the results of our first Student Impact Evaluation. So we broke down 2016 by the numbers.

One country 

We added operations in Cuba, including two new programs—of the nine new programs offered last year. In 2017, we’re adding Nepal, which gives students two program options to choose from. Those are among the 17 new programs to consider for the upcoming spring and summer.

10 SLOs

Our students experienced growth this past summer in all of our Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). We published the results of our first Student Impact Evaluation in the 2016 Impact Report.

11 criteria 

We established a system for evaluating the sustainability criteria for our community partners, which should be complete next year.

19 countries 

The number of countries Rustic students traveled to in 2016. Find out where you can travel in 2017.


The percentage of students who experienced growth in their desire to positively impact the lives of others—the highest percentage among our 10 SLOs.

61 scholarships

Rustic Pathways awarded partial and full scholarships in 2016 to students from all over the world for our high school and gap year programs. We’re accepting applications for 2017 scholarships now!


The percentage of students who indicated their satisfaction with Rustic’s ability to minimize environmental impacts during programs.

97 programs

Rustic students chose from nearly 100 programs last year. That number is increasing for 2017. Find out which program is right for you!

112 Squad members 

We started the Rustic Squad in September for student alumni and already have 112 members. For those interested in joining the Squad, keep an eye on social and your inbox.

200+ projects 

Rustic worked with 170 community partners on more than 200 projects in 2016. Those included:
• Water projects in five countries
• Building 15 new homes (and assisting with five projects in New Orleans) and renovating 46 others
• Making improvements to 36 school facilities, including toilets, classrooms, and three new kindergartens

500 team members 

Rustic’s staff of 500+ hails from 25 countries and speaks more than 50 languages.

37,491 lives

The number of lives impacted by Rustic programs, including community partners, international staff, and students.

146,058 hours 

The number of service hours Rustic students completed in 2016.


The amount of money more than 100 student and staff development ambassadors raised to support 15 Rustic Pathways Foundation projects in 10 countries last year.

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