#GoodNewsTues - Program Updates November 1
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#GoodNewsTues - Program Updates November 1

This week we’re excited to announce that several programs in the United States have been added for the summer of 2023. This includes options in Alaska, Louisiana and Arizona. Here are the details:

Off the Map Alaska

We’ve added two sessions for this popular program that allows students to see Alaska in a way few other people do. During this journey, students head to remote regions to take in the stunning scenery, ice climb, and trek through the wilderness.

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Resilient New Orleans

Rustic Pathways is excited to be returning to this city for a new student travel program. Students will work with local organizations to rebuild homes and restore communities. They’ll also explore the French Quarter and the Bayou. Along the way, there’ll be spicy local food on the menu and a cultural immersion into the birthplace of jazz.

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Grand Canyon Service

This new program in Arizona will allow students to experience one of the greatest natural wonders in the United States. At the same time, teens will be immersed in lessons about economic instability, which occurs in a region due to  the ebb and flow of tourism.

Students will work with partner NGOs on issues like food insecurity. They’ll also visit picturesque Sedona and learn about sustainable living in Arcosanti.

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