#GoodNewsTues - Program Updates for February 8
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#GoodNewsTues - Program Updates for February 8

We’ve added more dates to two programs with limited openings. Both of these programs provide many opportunities to enjoy the water, service, and adventure.

Costa Rica

Surf and Service

One session for this program is sold out and two others have limited availability. We’ve added a new session in between the limited sessions. The dates are:

July 5 – July 13

This trip is for students of all different surfing abilities from beginners to advanced and includes white water rafting, community service and more.


Marine & Rainforest Conservation in Thailand

The other session of this program has limited availability. We’ve added new dates:

June 28 – July 8

In this program, students learn about wildlife in one of the world’s oldest rainforests, snorkel amid the reefs off the coastline, and provide service in a fishing village.

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