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Experts Share the Most Popular Summer Travel Options
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Experts Share the Most Popular Summer Travel Options

The Rustic Pathways staff who operate our programs in more than 20 countries where students travel have a ridiculous amount of travel knowledge. Many have worked in multiple countries so we thought who better than them to ask about what programs to recommend?

If you’re still trying to decide between summer travel experiences, check out the recommendations from our experts.

Dustin Huffman | Southeast Asia Program Manager
Favorite Program: Documenting Democracy (Myanmar)
“It takes a deep-dive look into one of the critical issues of our time, examining how precious freedom of the press and the unrestricted exchange of ideas are essential to a representative government.”

Andres “Fofo” Zúñiga |Costa Rica Program Manager
Favorite Program:
Nicoya Turtle Expedition (Costa Rica)
“You get to hold a baby turtle that’s only minutes old!”
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Evan Johnson | Southeast Asia Program Manager
Favorite Program: Come With Nothing, Go Home Rich (Laos)
“Because, in one of my students’ words, you learn that happiness apparently fits in a backpack.”

Zack Kraushar | Cambodia Program Manager
Favorite Program: Floating Village Service (Cambodia)
“Perfect sunsets, waking up in a house that is literally floating, and cruising around in Rustic’s private riverboat… Across the 50 countries that I have visited, there are simply no places like the floating villages of Cambodia.”

Natalya Morgan | Tanzania Program Manager
Favorite program: African Wildlife Conservation (Tanzania)
“Not only do you get to experience and conduct field studies alongside the Jane Goodall Institute scientists, but you have the most unique opportunities you couldn’t get anywhere else in the world, like trekking through the jungle to try to catch a glimpse of the iconic chimpanzee family that Jane Goodall actually worked with!”

Marc Mankowski | USA Country Director
Favorite program: Off the Map: Alaska (USA)
“Alaska is unlike any other place on the planet and the Off the Map: Alaska program will have you booking your return trip as soon as you get home.”

Still not sure? You can choose a Rustic program by country or interest area. Call 800.321.4353 or email with any questions. We’ll even come talk to you in person. Just say the word.

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