Dublin Teen Champions Hygiene Drive for Climate Action
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Dublin Teen Champions Hygiene Drive for Climate Action

Hear from Krish about his experience and the impact he had on his community!

Making an Impact with a Hygiene Drive

Age 16
The Quarry Lane School
Dublin, California

Hi! I’m Krish, a 16-year-old passionate about working to combat climate change through hands-on work and collaboration with others. I love working with food banks like Kids Against Hunger where I took a staff role to pack thousands of meals for kids all across the country. Some of my other passions include playing the guitar, tennis, and chess!

Identifying Community Needs

The specific problem I worked to address in my community was the lack of hygiene essentials and necessities for families and homeless people across the San Francisco Bay Area. I also worked to address the issue of famine, which intrigued me to work with Kids Against Hunger.

Taking Action in Dublin, California 

For my project, I organized a materials drive with bins at my school where I collected items like toothbrushes, soap, towels, wipes, floss picks, shaving razors, and more. I also collected non-perishable foods and unused clothes. Over a month’s time span, I was able to collect over 2 full boxes of essential items. I donated the materials to the Family Emergency Shelter located in Oakland.

I also worked to fundraise over $350 through selling snacks at school and GoFundMe, which I used to purchase further items to donate to Family Emergency Shelter—a non-profit organization that provides shelter and essentials to displaced families.

Finally, I volunteered at my local food bank Kids Against Hunger with another fellow, Audrey, and a team of people to pack over 6,678 meals for kids in Kenya.

The Set Up 

I first began planning my project in late October where I worked to create the flier, fundraise, and contact several non-profit organizations. I initially worked with another fellow, Audrey, but after the Kids Against Hunger volunteering, we parted ways.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience to work with another fellow and become exposed to new perspectives. After I contacted a few organizations, I began planning the drive with my school to put bins around the school and fliers for advertising. Through research, careful planning, and the support of my peers, I was able to implement this project to create a positive impact on our world!

Gratitude and Support

My primary audience was school students, but also spanned out to passionate individuals who wanted to donate to help the cause! In addition, a lot of people who I didn’t know from around the world helped donate through GoFundMe which I’m incredibly grateful for. Thank you to everyone for making this project possible!

Measurable Impact

I pursued this project because I believe that people should work together and help each other for the benefit of society as a whole. During hard times, we must show empathy and compassion to one another which is why I wanted to support kids and families during these harsh winter months. This drove me to host the hygiene drive, and pack meals for thousands of kids.

In the Kids Against Hunger Event, I packed over 6,678 meals for kids in Kenya with Audrey and a team of people. In addition, through the hygiene drive, I collected over 2 boxes of essentials for homeless people. Through fundraising, I was able to collect over $350 which went towards collecting materials, buying boxes, and implementing the project.

The Climate Leader Fellowship was a great, engaging experience that enriched numerous qualities like leadership, collaboration, teamwork, and perseverance. I learned about the power to inspire others to take action and the collective positive impact we can make as a society, united. I would recommend this experience to anyone as it taught me so much and helped me truly grow as a person.

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