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Because Travel
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Because Travel

Travel has the power to connect us to other people and cultures. It exposes us to new ideas and helps shape who we become. It also reminds us that we’re all part of a shared humanity.

That’s why we made this video, featuring the following poem written by Louis Bryant III, one of Rustic Pathways’ program leaders.

Although it seems as if your program is, well, done
The journey has just begun
Your wandering should incite new strengths
Bonds created so you can stand on new cliffs
Facing fears, embracing tears, a reflection that goes beyond a photo
‘Cause we all know, a picture can speak a thousand words
But you,
You can create actions that move millions
Can no longer see the ceiling
You can not only take this feeling and become a great being
But spread this experience to those who don’t seem to understand
Explain the commonalities of our fellow man
Encourage others to see the world isn’t just a dreamland
But a real place
That we should all be keen to embrace
The difference
As this experience showers students with culture to help eliminate bias and ignorance
This deliverance in a place so immense yet so very small
With the events of your life leading to this beckoning call
Now that you’ve answered
What will you do with it all?

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Jack Weinstein

Content Production Manager

Jack has spent his professional career as a writer and editor. Before joining Rustic, he worked as a journalist in Kansas and Colorado, taught English in Swaziland, and transitioned to marketing roles in the Boston and New York startup worlds. Jack is excited to channel his love of storytelling and his appreciation for education as Rustic’s Content Production Manager. When not working, Jack is either watching baseball or planning his next adventure. Jack and his wife, Blythe, live in Brooklyn.