Announcing Rustic's Student Design Contest Finalists
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Announcing Rustic's Student Design Contest Finalists

More than 40 talented teens submitted entries for the inaugural Rustic Pathways Student Design Contest!

We’re excited to announce that nine of those designs have been selected as finalists. The winning design will be distributed to thousands of Rustic students and staff around the world as our next limited edition sticker.

You have until Dec. 19 to help decide the winner. Click here to vote for your favorite! The finalists:

Jonathan Abbo | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

jonathan-abbo-design Pathways for Peace
Rustic Pathways is an organization that prides itself on the peaceful relations it fosters in diverse regions of the world. This design speaks for itself, as regardless of race, religion, creed, and sexual orientation, Rustic Pathways always welcomes everybody with open arms. Every country available for visits through Rustic is listed somewhere within the design, showing once again that we are all one as we strive for the ultimate goal of global peace and unity. Other words that express the key ideas emblematic of the Rustic Pathways experience are sprinkled here as well, such as Service, Diversity, and Travel. The shape and color scheme, in addition to the carefully selected diction of the design, help meld it together into the cohesive expression of peace and unity it was created to be.


Marissa Cantor | West Chester, Pennsylvania

 marisa-cantor-design Rustic Pathways World Sticker
My design shows Earth with the continents filled with the word “travel” in different languages because it doesn’t matter where you’re from to be able to travel, even a few miles, to experience different cultures. The natural elements around the earth show different regions like savanas, rainforests, beaches, deserts, cold region pine trees and mountains. The hands are not one skin tone but multiple skin tones to show that we who support and help earth grow, are not defined by one skin tone, religion, ethnicity etc. and that no one should feel superior to their neighbor.


Josephine Crelley | Anthem, Arizona

josephine-crelley-design Road to Discovery
This photo is of a car with a map on the side. The car is based off of an old volts wagon van. I attempted to make a photo that symbolized the journey life has to offer. There is so much to explore and learn about. It could only be a car ride away.


Anna Gras | Prague, Czech Republic

anna-gras-design Backpacks
I wanted to keep the colors light and natural for the design to be simple but still have an impact. The design portrays a gentle and relaxed atmosphere with two people watching the sunset after traveling the whole day. I wanted to illustrate how one doesn’t need much to explore and enjoy a new environment, only a backpack.

Asha McGee | San Francisco

asha-mcgee-design Connections
This piece is about all the experiences you ge to have with Rustic. I placed a hand with bracelets to commemorate Rustic ties and the really life connections you make to people through Rustic Pathways. In the background I also placed drawing of people holding hands and stars (the symbol of friendship) because I think that one of the best things about travel with Rustic is the people you meet and the friendships you make.


Sarah Spadaccini | New Canaan, Connecticut 

sarah-spadaccini-design Rustic Pathways Sticker 2018
In this sticker, I included key words from the Rustic Mission in the background, as well as some adjectives that I’ve learned and taken away from my previous Rustic trips. I decided to make it a globe in order to convey the message about how kids and adults from all around the world unite and work together with a common mission—making a positive impact on the community while having a transformative experience. Depicted in each continent are a variety of photos that display service, teamwork, and fun! Hope you enjoy my design!


Bella Strang | Springfield, Missouri

bella-strang-design Connections
The inspiration for my design is all about the connections you make/maintain when and after traveling with Rustic Pathways. The hands have a couple meanings, lending a helping hand and meeting new people along the way. The paper airplane represents the connections that are kept up after your travels. Lastly, the landscape represents some of the beautiful views you get to take in when traveling with Rustic Pathways.


Megan Wong | Lake Forest, Illinois

megan-wong-design Time to Travel
When traveling, my favorite types of vacations are the ones where we go hiking and are able to see everything that nature has to offer, which is why I drew the mountain, the trees, the bear, the river and waterfall, and the hikers. However, there are many other fun activities you can do when traveling, such as rock climbing, which is why I added a small rock climber on the bottom right. Furthermore, I have the flags surrounding the image because traveling isn’t just being in one place, but going to many places or countries around the world to experience its various cultures. Finally, the whole thing is a compass because in order to travel somewhere, you probably need to know where you’re going.


Samantha Wong | Lake Forest, Illinois

samantha-drawing-4_5a208d1caf84f A New Perspective
I chose to draw an airplane because that’s what I associate with traveling, but although a plane is a form of transportation, it also gives you a different perspective of the world which is what traveling is all about. The different monuments that I drew are the different perspectives on the world because when you go to places each place is unique and has their own culture that they are recognized by. However, monuments aren’t the only things places are famous for, there is also nature that is beautiful to look at. This is why traveling is so amazing because you can experience new cultures and it changes your perspective, which is what I am trying to capture in my drawing.

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