3 Trips! How to Have an Out-of-This-World Travel Adventure
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3 Trips! How to Have an Out-of-This-World Travel Adventure

Long before the pandemic, Jaron Flynn said he felt lonely and out of place and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. Through a bit of luck, he found out about an extended Southeast Asian program with Rustic that would take him to several countries. He wrote about the journey in an article about his travels.

“Feel lost? Go somewhere else for a bit… get lost, then you’ll be found!” Flynn wrote.

Photo; Jaron Flynn

And so he was. By traveling for a longer period of time to more places, Flynn figured out what he wanted to do with his life, had tons of adventures, and learned much about the world.

“I realized one really does need to SEE to UNDERSTAND what other people are going through; reading in a textbook about Vietnam was one thing for instance… but seeing the effects and another perspective on the story you thought you understood is another thing altogether,” Flynn wrote

A new Rustic promotion that is available through December will allow students to have a similar experience as Flynn – without taking any time off from school.

Families can now buy two 2022 programs for a teen and get one free. This way students could take a Spring Break trip and two summer trips or fill their whole summer with educational travel – allowing them to have a diversity of travel experiences similar to a gap semester.

Hannah Repke did a multi-country trip with Rustic for reasons that a number of students may be able to relate to these days.

“I realized three things during the winter of my senior year after I had already applied to colleges: 1) I’m burnt out, 2) I’ve never fulfilled my desire to help others on a larger scale, and 3) this was the perfect time to change both of these,” Repke said.

Students who may be heading to college soon are perfect candidates for this program. So are younger students who don’t have summer jobs yet but are too old for camp. And the idea is perfect for any student who has been missing out on travel experiences in the past couple of years.

There are several suggested itineraries on our buy two, get one free offer.

Students could do a tour of Africa where they visit Morocco in the northwest, Ghana in the west and Tanzania in the southeast from June 7 – July 20.

Morocco - Ghana - Tanzania

They could focus on service in Spanish-speaking countries by trying these three programs:

Dominican Republic: Public Health in the Caribbean 6/7-6/22
Costa Rica: Summer Camp Leadership 7/19-8/3
Costa Rica: Turtle Conservation Project 8/2-8/10

Or, students could travel on three continents for a nearly two month long trip:

Peru: Sacred Valley Service 6/7-6/21
Australia: Animal Conservation 6/21-7/6
Mongolia: Off the Map: Mongolia 7/6-7/27

These multifaceted travel programs will give students a taste of different cultures and help them think on their feet. Repke said these kinds of experiences really got her set for college.

“I was not only more academically prepared, but also more socially ready for school,” Repke said. “I became more comfortable striking up a conversation with a stranger, hanging out with people that seemed really different from me, and learned to embrace the weirdness in myself and others.”

For more information on the promotion, please visit our 3 for 2 opportunity or contact a global travel advisor. This deal only lasts until December 31, 2021, so don’t wait!


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