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107 Seconds of the Ultimate Summer
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107 Seconds of the Ultimate Summer

Summer is our happy place. What makes it the best? Our student travelers, of course! We love seeing them fall in love with travel year after year. Watching them explore new places and embrace adventure is truly amazing. The very best part is seeing them pour their hearts into helping others, learning, and forming strong friendships in the span of a few days. We know they’ll never forget these moments, the people they met and the lessons they learned. We know we won’t!

Watch our 2022 Summer Highlights video to catch a special glimpse of our students’ awesome adventures during their travel programs. And remember, these video clips are student-submitted, so just thinkthis is exactly what our students wanted to share with the world!

A special thanks to the following people for capturing these travel highlights and sharing them with us:

Hailey Brown

Julia Bodensteiner

Mikaela Newall

Maria Clara

Taya Puner

Daisy Seigler

Maddie Minich

Ella Meuse

Taylor Grohe

Sydney Scheurer

Matteo Asscher

Krish Khemlani

Kiana Watson

Andrew Harms

Meera Kuthiala

Lizzy Lindner

Boone Davis

Ashley Fox


Thank you for letting us be a part of your epic summer!


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