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Krystal Phillips' Employee Profile

Accounting Assistant

Krystal Phillips - Headshot

What’s that most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Working in the accounting department, there is much to be done. Receiving funds and applying them to the correct opportunities are very helpful in getting the children from Point A, their hometown, to Point B, their exciting destination.  Vendors need to be paid in a timely fashion so that all travel can go on without a hitch. Accounting takes care of that.

What is fulfilling about that? It is quite important to make sure that the travelers with Rustic Pathways do not have to worry about anything while they are enjoying their travel and learning many new things. It is also helpful for the country’s teams to know that their vendors are paid and that they can give 110% to the young travelers.  It is rewarding to know that those travelers are learning about themselves and how they can have a positive impact on the world.

Why do you view travel as an essential part of every education?

No matter your age, education is extremely important. Education happens every day of our lives, whether it be in the classroom, or out and about in the world.  Travel expands on this type of learning by exposing oneself to different cultures, people, foods, and ways of life. To understand the differences we have among us, and to embrace that. This experiential education helps shape us to be better humans and have respect for others and our planet. Our Rustic Pathways travelers will have stories to pass on to younger generations and peak interest in the world around them.

Krystal Phillips

What do you own international travels entail?

My international travel is quite limited. I have visited Ontario, Canada, quite a bit and have gone as far north as Quebec City, Quebec with my daughter’s 8th grade French class. I also spent about 6 hours on Grand Bahama Island in 2018 while we docked there with our cruise ship. My daughters both spent time in Europe with their college studies and I enjoyed all that they shared with me via social media.  I do have a bucket list of places to travel, and many of those locations are offered by Rustic Pathways as programs. Fiji and Tanzania are very high on my list! I also enjoy listening to the PTA’s in the Ohio office talk about their travels and I feel that I am fortunate to live vicariously through them.  Their enthusiasm and calming knowledge when talking to a parent who has concerns about their child’s future travel with Rustic, sets these anxious minds at ease.  What a fantastic way to share the love of international travel!

What is one of your favorite moments at Rustic Pathways?

One of my favorite moments at Rustic Pathways was when I attended the global retreat that was held in Cleveland in January of 2019.  I learned so much about the programs that each country offers, and I was able to meet the people behind the scenes.  The country directors, the country managers, the program leaders, the inside and outside salespeople, the marketing team, and everyone else who made up the Rustic Family.  Everyone was kind to welcome me, as I had just started my job with Rustic, the month prior.  It was nice to be able to put a face and voice with these people as I would have contact with them via email or skype throughout the year.  Another favorite moment was when the Rustic Pathways Foundation was able to raise enough money to assist in building the Simha Primary School in Tanzania.  It’s great to see funds and blood, sweat, and tears all merge together to bring about an important part of childhood: education.  Education in a safe and clean environment. All children deserve that!

Krystal Phillips