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Our 2016 Summer Story



  • Highlights of the Fiji Islands
  • Highlights of the Dominican Republic
  • Highlights of Tanzania
  • Highlights of Morocco
  • Highlights of Australia
  • Highlights of Peru


  • The Amazing Thailand Adventure
  • Aussie Surf and Service
  • Awesome Aussie Service Adventure
  • Big Fiji Explorer
  • Caribbean Adrenaline
  • Climbing Kili
  • Come With Nothing, Go Home Rich
  • South Pacific Eco-Lodge Service Base
  • Floating Village Service Expedition
  • Fiji Highlands Immersion
  • Intro to Community Service in Costa Rica
  • Intro to Community Service in Fiji
  • Intro to Community Service in Thailand
  • Island Hopping and Diving
  • Island Living and Eco-Service
  • Marine and Service Adventure in Fiji
  • Mountain Air and Village Service
  • Off the Map: Peru
  • Sacred Valley Service
  • Sarapiqui: A Tropical Service Adventure
  • Seven Wonders of Australia
  • Spanish Language Immersion
  • Sticky Rice Service Adventure
  • Summer Camp Leadership in Costa Rica
  • Summer Camp Leadership in the Dominican Republic
  • Surf and Service
  • Off the Map: Alaska
  • Welcome to Australia Zoo with Rustic Pathways
  • Key Club Service Trip
  • Turtle Conservation Project
  • The Thai Elephant Conservation Project
  • The Rustic Pathways Children’s Home