Hear from our Alumni

Hear from our Alumni

Hear what some of our parent and student alumni have to say about their experience with Rustic Pathways.

The way to get things done is through action and one voice can move millions, so thank you, Rustic Pathways, for teaching me, and others that one small voice can make a large difference.

Quote by: Taylor Brennan, Montclair, NJ | Sacred Valley Project, Peru 2015 and Surf and Service Costa Rica, 2016

My son’s trip to Tanzania was not just a trip but an experience that gave his life depth and breadth, meaning and purpose.

Quote by: Dee Dee Olson, mother of Gavin, Manhasset, NY | Save the Rain, Tanzania, 2015

At the time, you’re having so much fun, tending to water buffalo, riding elephants, but in retrospect, you’re developing skills that are transferrable to so many contexts of life. It was the confidence to navigate new environments, whether that was new countries or my college campus.

Quote by: Charlie Melvion, Los Angeles | 20 Countries

When I think of all the money I spend on clothes, toys and sports, I think that some of that money could be used more wisely on giving my child the opportunity to see a world beyond his own, to break out of his environment and breathe someone else’s air.

Quote by: Janice Croze, mother of Jackson, British Columbia, Canada | Fiji Sun, Sand, and International Service, 2017

There are a thousand reasons I keep coming back to Rustic, but mainly because it has given me so many homes away from home. Each summer I join a new community and fall in love with the people and culture who invite me into their homes.

Quote by: Lauren Berray, New York, NY | 11 Programs, 2013-17

Rustic Pathways opened up a new world to my son. It presented a safe, but adventurous way to see another part of the world, and to experience a new culture. Spending time with the children of the Dominican Republic gave him an appreciation for the luxuries in his own life, but also taught him about gratitude and living simply.

Quote by: Heidi Pynn, mother of Jacob, Chittenango NY | Mountain Air and Village Service, DR, 2014

Nothing compares to the memories made on my Rustic trip, and this experience has reinforced my love of travel & belief that it is the most important form of education.

Quote by: Laurel, Laguna Beach, CA | Epic Outback, Australia, 2016

My daughter's trip to Costa Rica was everything that we hoped it would be. She was able to fully experience this beautiful place with caring, supportive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable people leading her. She came back more articulate about different issues that her generation faces in the world.

Quote by: Jill Larson, mother of Emma, Madison, WI | Surf and Service, Costa Rica, 2016