This season’s Flight Deadline is fast approaching—April 15 marks the last day to enroll in a program and guarantee a spot on a chaperoned international group flight. After that point, you can still enroll in a program but we can’t promise that you’ll be able to travel with the rest of the group or pay the same amount for the flight. Some of you might be thinking “What’s the big deal?” Well, here are just a few benefits of enrolling before the deadline:

1. Memories and New Friendships

Before you even step onto a plane, you’ll meet your other Rustic students at the airport, start getting to know each other, and make memories before landing in your destination country. It’s where the Rustic experiences actually starts!

The airport is the first place you’ll meet the other students on your trip. Don’t miss out on this part of the bonding experience!

2. Stress-Free Travel

A Rustic Airport Coordinator will be at the airport to answer any questions and help with things like finding your group and checking your bags. Then, a Rustic Flight Leader will fly on the airplane with you and help get you through security, get to the right gate, and navigate the immigration process when you land in country. Airport day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

A Rustic staff member will be there to make sure you get on your flight safely.


3. No-Hassle Booking

In the 35 years we’ve been in business, Rustic has created close relationships with the airlines to ensure that our students can travel safely as a group. We figure out the best flight times and connections so you don’t have to worry about booking flights on your own.

We reserve a certain number of seats on the flight so we can guarantee you a spot on the airplane with the rest of your group.

Don’t miss out on the chance to fly with other Rustic students! Enroll now so you (and your parents 😉) can relax knowing that your travel day will be a breeze.

For more information on flight costs and deadlines, visit the Travel Information page or give us a call at 800.321.4353.

About the Author

Emily Greiff

Website Coordinator

Originally from a small town in Massachusetts, Emily realized her dream of living in the mountains when she moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the fall of 2014. Prior to that, Emily lived and worked in NYC after graduating from Colgate University with a dual degree in Spanish and Environmental Studies. This is Emily’s first experience working with Rustic Pathways but has done a number of service and travel programs in the past including trips to the Dominican Republic, Spain, and Romania. Emily is passionate about playing in the mountains, yoga, cooking, and art.