There’s nothing quite like a stunning sunset to end a day of travel. That golden hour, right before the sun slips behind the horizon, caught the attention of many students and staff who captured the following images—our final installment in this summer’s Filtered photo series.

The sun may soon be setting on our 2017 programs, but memories of adrenaline-pumping adventures, making new friends, discovering ancient civilizations, and stepping out of your comfort zone from the past few months can last a lifetime.

The #sorustic photo contest continues through Aug. 25 so keep tagging your Insta photos for a chance to win a free trip in 2018. If you traveled with Rustic this summer or in years past, keep an eye on your inbox for exclusive Star Alumni offers. If you’re new to Rustic, our early enrollment period begins in the next couple of weeks and features limited-time discounts.

Until then, it’s never too early to start thinking about your next adventure. Maybe these photos will provide some inspiration.screen-shot-2017-08-14-at-3-58-37-pm
1. Emily Sudock, student | North Baldwin, New York
Andes to Amazon in Peru

Sleeping Beauty #sorustic

2. Mary O’Connor, Program Leader | Tanzania
My awesome co-leader Colin, making the final push toward the summit of #kilimanjaro. Feeling grateful for a summer that has been full of time spent outside in the mountains, knees achy from walking, surrounded by incredible views. And the ice cream sundae that I ate while posting this 🍦#rpstafftravels

3. Erica Schultz, Program Leader | Myanmar
“someone once told me to always live for the little things in life.
live for 5am sunrises and 5pm sunsets where you’ll see colors in the sky that don’t usually belong.
live for road trips and bike rides with music in your ears and wind in your hair.
live for days when you’re surrounded by your favorite people that make you realize that the world is not a cold, harsh place.
live for the little things because they will make you realize that this is what life is about, this is what it means to be alive.”
–> Temples and Pagodas of Bagan, Myanmar

4. Amanda Cortes, Country Director | China
Sometimes, I can’t believe my life. #rpstafftravels #rpmongolia #lucky#itookthiswithmyiphone

5. Melanie Forbes, Program Leader | Cuba
sunset at a UNESCO World Heritage site in Cuba

6. Tom McCarthy Jr, Photo Guide | Tanzania
#safari party in the #serengeti#tanzania #sorustic

7. Luarna Greentree, Program Leader | Australia
Where the magic happens

8. Dean Kossoff, student| Los Angeles, California
Heart of the Jungle in Costa Rica
Chasing sunsets and dodging vipers in Costa Rica #sorustic

9. Dixie Blair, student | Langhorne, Philadelphia
Marine Service and Adventure in Fiji 
Fiji stole my heart and soul 🌺🌴❤️

10. Jed Collard, Program Leader | Australia
Another program done and dusted guiding through the East Kimberley educating the next generation about our Australian history and culture while showing them a handful of Aussie outback landscapes and experiences. What an absolute fair dinkum bunch of people, a bunch of galahs in a gumtree, always excited to see the next destination and to get amongst the tough and rough outback lifestyle! #sorustic #rpaustralia #elquestro#pigeonholelookout #sunset  #australia

Can’t wait to start planning your next adventure? Get a sneak peek at our 2018 programs.

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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kennedy has always loved traveling. Her professional background in publishing and photography have led her to discover the power in storytelling, and how it can facilitate a more empathetic understanding of the world around us. Currently studying English at UC Berkeley, Kennedy is thrilled to join Rustic’s Creative Team this summer. During study breaks, she’s usually found hiking, listening to podcasts, or training for her next half-marathon.