Finding Joy Through Connection in Costa Rica

Finding Joy Through Connection in Costa Rica

Christian, Cecilia and Katy

Christian, Cecilia and Katy all traveled to Costa Rica in 2021. Read about their experiences below!

Christian Robert, Pura Vida Service:

Hello, my name is Christian Robert and I volunteered for the Pura Vida Costa Rica trip in July of 2021.

My experience on this trip was so amazing it cannot be put into words. The people I’ve met, the culture I experienced, and the work I did will always be remembered.

One amazing moment that truly stuck out to me was when we volunteered at the school. These local kids were running around while their parents and family were working with us and I could tell they wanted to meet us. So I went over and introduced myself.

Soon afterwards, I wheeled them around in the wheelbarrow and played tag with them. I also showed them filters on my phone. The joy they displayed was something I will always take with me in life.

This trip taught me to be more selfless and showed my true passion in helping out my community. I will definitely be doing another one!

Cecilia Buono, Surf and Service in Costa Rica:

Surf and Service was one of the best experiences of my life. It exposed me to the conditions many endure in Costa Rica, but also emphasized the importance of giving back to “level out the playing field” and provide everyone with opportunities to grow and be successful.

Sitting around the large table for our meals was where our group shared most of our stories and laughs, which is something I won’t forget. It allowed me to become closer with the people on my trip while enjoying some delicious food!


Katy Fitzgerald, Turtle Conservation Project:

My Costa Rica conservation trip experience was the most unforgettable experience and I am so happy that I went. Originally I was supposed to do this trip pre-covid, but it was cancelled and rescheduled to this past summer.

At least something good came out of it because the group I was on this trip with became some of the quickest best friends I’ve ever had. We all bonded so much over the short time we were there and to lead the group were Lyndsey, Adrian and Maggie the most amazing leaders we could have asked for.

My favorite memories would have to be sitting around our table at night talking like we had all known each other for forever. I had such a great time being totally disconnected from my life and spending all of my time in nature with them.

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