Traveling with us was just the beginning. As a Rustic Alum, you have unique experiences that will forever impact how you view and interact with the world. The time that you spent with us has given you a permanent place in our global family. Welcome to the Rustic Pathways Alumni Association!

Who is this for?

Students and former students, who want to continue to have an impact, stay in touch, and engage in communities near and far. Through the Alumni Association you'll have access to exclusive internship and job opportunities, will be invited to alumni-only events, and can have a say in how we spread the Rustic energy.

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What’s New?

  • The Lie of Linear Progression

    Back in March, our CEO, Chris Stakich, was featured at #‎TEDxYouth@LAS. In this inspiring talk, he shares with us his views on the myth of Linear Progression and reminds us…

  • Revelations from the Road

    A Staff Story from Thailand Program Manager Dustin Huffman. How I quit my job to travel through Asia: One year ago, after much apprehension, I stepped out of a comfortable career…

  • Advice From Alumni

    Last month, we addressed some common fears and worries that both first time travelers and seasoned travelers alike could relate to before embarking on a new adventure. We then took this…

  • Welcome, New Alumni!

    We had an incredible summer and it was all thanks to our amazing students, staff, and families. Now that Summer 2015 is behind us, we are excited to welcome hundreds of new…

  • Have A Great Summer

    Whether you’re traveling with us or have transitioned on to new adventures, we hope you have a meaningful, fun-filled summer! Check back in August to see what we have in store…

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