The Buddha House

Newly finished in May 2006, The Buddha House is an exciting and significant addition to the Ricefields Base. Painted bright yellow, Buddha House certainly has its own personality. It is adorned inside and out with amazing teakwood furniture, funky artwork, and stunning photos. Each of the five large bedrooms on the main floor of Buddha House has brand new air-conditioning and fans, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. The bedrooms also each feature a large, custom designed bathroom with three different sections, perfect for accommodating many guests.

The Buddha House – The VIP Experience
The main feature of this house is its VIP suite, complete with its king-size bed and walk-out porch that looks out over our new Organic Garden with palm trees and rice fields beyond. The suite also has a large refrigerator stocked with all the essentials, some amazing Thai art work and carvings, and a nice little travel library to browse through. The VIP suite has a large adjacent bedroom which can sleep up to 8 people, with its own custom three-section bathroom. This entire VIP wing is separated by a door which can make it as isolated from or as incorporated with the rest of the house as preferred. This VIP wing was designed specifically with families and private clients in mind, and a stay here offers the rare opportunity to live with a welcoming Thai family in a traditional, rural village, while at the same time enjoying the kind of privacy, comfort, and facilities you’d expect at a premier resort.

The rest of the main floor has three more large bedrooms, each of which can sleep 6-8 people, each with their own 3 section bathroom. The entire main floor of the house is equipped with both air-conditioning and fans, accommodating any preference. There is a large common room in the middle of the bedrooms which makes for a great conversation and relaxation area. Just outside the house, there are many large tables perfectly placed in shady areas from which to sit and admire the stunning views of the Base and the rice fields which surround it. Buddha House also has a second floor, equipped with fans and sleeping pads, which serves perfectly as an overflow sleeping area when necessary. In total, this house can comfortably accommodate over 25 people without using the upstairs area.  

The Buddha House      

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