The Rustic Pathways Family

Our exceptional staff members are the backbone of our organization. Their incredibly diverse backgrounds reflect the rich experiences we offer our students. Our global staff provides us with a profound understanding of the destinations we visit. Our year-round presence in these locations gives us a connection to the community that is unparalleled in our industry. The faces you see in this catalog (along with many, many others!) ensure our students have fun, empowering, and safe experiences while they travel, learn, and grow.

Our International Staff

Rustic Pathways spans the globe! Most of our staff members are based outside the United States. While the cultural traditions and accents of our staff vary from country to country, the shared values that define Rustic Pathways and make us exceptional extend across all borders. We work in some of the world's most interesting and welcoming countries, and our programs often take us to the more remote corners of these destinations. We build leadership teams that pair international staff members with local employees. This combination results in diverse teams that blend an understanding of our students and their needs with deep local knowledge that opens special doors in the regions where we work.